Games of Life
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2012-12-09 20:24:53 (UTC)

Up and Down

Seeing him like this was like a truck came and hit me. I felt so guilty even though I didn’t do it on purpose. I went to the kitchen and leaned on the wardrobes. I slowly slipped down and sat on the floor. I wanted to start crying but I couldn’t. He saw me there. In no time he came and stooped right in front of me. He hold my hands and then I turned my eyes on his face. ‘Heyy! I am not mad’ He really wasn’t I could see that on his look. ‘Yet I feel so bad’ i whispered ‘I didn’t realize that it would come this far’ He put his arms around me and i snuggle into his hug. ‘I’m sorry…’ I whispered in his ear. He gave me a kiss on the neck, grapped me on his arms and took me off the floor.

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