2012-12-08 17:36:59 (UTC)

Why don't they have Pink Floyd on Spotify?

Dec. 8, 2012 Saturday 5:37 PM

"Another Brick In The Wall" by Pink Floyd

I'm working on only making one entry a day because I am way too addicted to this site, I say too freakin' much, and I just need to shut up, okay? Okay. That's settled.

I didn't really cut last night, lol. I cut... once. That's it, and then I went to sleep really early and woke up at nine thirty. My parents asked if I wanted to go to the mall so we did. I bought myself a Pink Floyd t-shirt and three other t-shirts for Gillian, Lily, and Aaron.

I've decided that Lily will get the Pierce the Veil tee, and now I just need to decide who gets what on the last two. We also bought my sister two pairs of jeans.

I got some perfume. Wow. Real interesting, I know. Almost too much to handle...

If it were me reading this, I would've clicked away by now, haha.

Fuck, I have to go soon. So, guys, I won't be alone tonight, either. I was really happy when Gillian asked if I wanted to hang out with her and Lily because I was looking forward to a nice night by myself... in the dark... with music... and my mind... and a razor blade, so obstacle avoided!!!

I also really hate being all depressed and shit when it comes to writing because that makes other people and my future self kind of upset.

Oh, yeah, so apparently Gillian and Lily are friends again (i knew they were, but still) and thats cool and everything but that means... Nevermind, I'll explain tomorrow, because right now I really have to goooo.


I'll be fine.

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