Dr. Matthews' Notes
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2012-12-07 21:46:21 (UTC)

Day 20

None of the siblings we have contacted will agree to come in for a session, but they have written letters to their brothers and sisters. Although I would like for them to go through counseling sessions I think the letters would be the next best best thing. Here are some of the letters:


I have dreamed every night about hearing from you again. I hope you write me back. There are so many things I have wanted to ask you, and to tel you. But I never knew how to get in contact with you and mom and dad wouldn't tell me how. How are you? well I guess that's a stupid question.

What I have really wanted to say is - im sorry. I should have helped.

Please write me back,


I know that this should be a letter where I talk about missing you and wanting you to come back, but I can't write that. It isn't true. The truth is that I am angry with you. I am mad that you left me here. To deal with them. Now I have to walk around on egg shells every day wondering if I will be next. I hate you for that Clara.

But part of me is jealous. Jealous that you get to live a life knowing your fate, and I have to stay here in the unknown. I am doing everything in my power to be perfect. I don't think I can take this anymore. What am I supposed to do Clara?



Let me start by saying that I am so glad to know that you are okay. I can not tell you how many times I have wondered what happened to you. You were my big brother, how could they take my big brother. You always protected me, made sure that no one could ever get to me. Even Greg, but that couldn't stop her.

I cannot believe she chose hime over you. When all you were doing was looking out for me. It is unfair. I cry almost everyday thinking it should have been me. I was the one that caused the trouble. The fights, arguments, drama but because you beat up Greg you has to go.

I will never forgive her for taking away my big brother, and I will never be the same knowing that she killed you. I am sorry that I can't be there with you Sampson.

Please forgive me,

I had each child read their letter aloud in the sessions. Every one was brought to tears. None of them chose to discuss it.

My conlucions are that the sibling relationship is truly tarnished by unwinding. Either child carries guilt and no one really benefits. It causes a rift with the parents, and never help the development of the child. This is an extremely deleterious effect on the children. Something must be done.

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