Dr. Matthews' Notes
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2012-12-07 20:53:14 (UTC)

Day 16

I was only able to get one of the parents to come in and meet with the children. I guess that is better than nothing. I decided to have a session with both the parent and child at the same time.

I asked both parties to write a letter to eachother before the session. I have overlapped the letters here to show the similarities. They are below:

I hate you, I hate everything you are.

I love you, I will always love you.

There was never a time that you loved me there is No way that you cared.

I have tried so much because I care more than you will ever understand.

What kind of person…

It’s just a times,


A parent

does something like this?

Has to make harsh decisions to help their child reach their best potential.

How is it an option?

You have potential, I know it.

How do you sleep at night, I hope you don’t.

I lay awake in my room thinking of all the things you could have been…

I hope you lay awake in the stupid dark room you have and think of me,

And now you will be.

Think of what you did,

Something great, someone great.

Think of who you are.

Some people just have a greater calling than their full state on earth.

Was I that bad? Did I make you that mad? Make you hate me so much that you thought the earth would be a better place without me.


Who gave you that right to take life,

I just….

Oh wait, I mean “disperse” it.

I know that you will do good for a lot of people,

Don’t you dare sit there and act like you considered anyone else but yourself.

Once you are…well…divided.

You didn’t consider anyone but yourself.

It is my hope that you understand. I pray you understand.

Your sanity, your security, your solitude.

I want you to have sanity, peace, security in knowing the good you will do.

What about me?

It is for your own good.

Your offspring.

My baby

I guess that doesn’t matter to you anymore, just like dropping off a stork – except at the butcher.

You will forever be inside my heart – as you were from the very moment.

Well I hope you live a nice “sane” life.

I found you on our doorstep…


--Your Dearly “Departed” Son

--Your Beloved Mother

I asked each to share their letter, they declined. The session was very unproductive. They would not really speak and decided to end early. I am very disappointed at the outcome.