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Customer Service


D'Arc Tangent

Janelle Weir stood naked in front of her mirror, turning first to the left, then to the right as she admired herself in the mirror. Short, a little fleshy, but still pretty good looking. She shook her long brown hair and let it flow down her back, then parting it down the middle, she draped the two parts over her shoulders so that they covered her breasts. Janelle casually stroked her hair, feeling the sensual pleasure of her long, silken locks as they played across her nipples. She cupped her breasts, pushing them up, and together, and letting them drop, marvelling at their buoyancy then she ran her hands over her stomach, then over to her waist, her hips, then she ran her fingers over the short, soft hairs between her legs.

“Well,” she said to herself, then patting her belly said, “Time to go to work.”.

Janelle padded over to her dresser and slid open the top drawer and examined the collection of panties. On the far left were the briefs she used to wear, but as she grew into her new position, but now the bulk of her drawer were lacy little thongs. She picked up a pair of bright red, shook her head, and picked up a pale blue pair, “No.” she thought, then white, purple, she paused at the black, then finally decided on the pink set, which she tossed over to her bed. Next drawer down, were her bras. The push-up bras really made her 34B breasts perk up, so picking out a lace covered pink number she tossed that over to her bed as well, a pair of navy knee-high socks, then she then stalks over to her closet, picking out a pair of tight fitting jeans, and he gaudy yellow IKEA shirt.

Janelle slowly dressed. This was almost a form of preparation for her, not just getting dressed, but the act of dressing itself, the motions she went through, prepared her for her day ahead. She always started with the panties. Sliding her legs one at a time into the pink lace she slowly pulled them up her legs, feeling the smooth fabric caressing her thighs, cupping her buttocks as she slid her fingers through the elastic of the waistband, and with a satisfying snap, she let the fabric hug her. Next were the socks. She would prefer stockings, but over the years she discovered that they were more of a detriment. The socks slid over her ankles and up her claves as she caressed the flesh of her legs. Next were the pants. The pants were almost a second skin to her, tight, soft, cotton. Once the fabric hugged her ass, she sucked in her gut, and did the button then pulled up the zipper. Her pants hugged her body, accentuating her body all the right ways. Some people, would always put on all their undergarments first, but for Janelle, this was the icing. Standing in front of her mirror, topless, she slid on her bra, turned her back to the mirror, and looking over her shoulder watched herself hook her bra. The she slid on her shirt, and turning back to the mirror, watched as she slowly did up the buttons, then smoothed out her shirt, took a deep breath and admired herself for a moment, before she left for work.

IKEA was a bustle of energy, as always. Janelle was barely on the floor of her department when Terri came over and bombarded her with questions. Soon, she was busy processing orders and dealing with customers. The Full-Serve Handout area in IKEA handles items they deem too large or bulky for the normally self-serve clientele to handle on their own. They place their orders with the department, whether it be kitchens, or office furniture, or living rooms, etc., and pay for it. The order is then sent electronically to the full-serve warehouse who pick it, and place it on a cart, or carts, depending on the size of the order, and Janelle has to check it off to verify the orders were picked properly, then hand it to the customer. During sales days, it can be very busy, and very hectic, and mistakes can happen. When they do, the customers can sometimes become irate. One day, about a month ago, Janelle was working the desk when a delivery was missed and the customer came in fit to be tied. He was, well muscled, and very intimidating, as well as very attractive. Janelle did not know what to do, to appease the gentleman, and then an idea came to her.

“Excuse me sir.” She had said, and came out from behind the counter. “I can help you, but you need to calm down.” She continued, then, ”Please, follow me for a moment.” And she led him over to the first-aide room located near her department. She turned on the light and beckoned him to enter. Once he was in the room, and the door closed behind her, Janelle quietly pushed in the lock.

“Now, please, let us talk this out, and see if we cannot come up with a viable solution for your dilemma.” She said, and as she talked to him, she slowly started to undo the buttons on her work shirt. In the span it took her to walk the length of the small room, she had her top open. Her pert breasts pushed against the thin cotton bra she used to wear as the man looked on, awestruck. Janelle kneeled in front of him and undid his jeans, and pulled down the zipper, reaching in, she pulled the top of his shorts down, to reach his now very erect manhood, and pulling it free from his pants, took in fully into her mouth. She softly sucked on his head as she stroked the long shaft, and could feel the power rising in him. She pulled away and stood up, and the man did not miss a beat. He was already undoing his belt, and sliding out of his pants as Janelle slid out of her dark blue IKEA issued pants, and pulled off her cotton panties. The man was on the bed and Janelle rode him like a bronco, as the moved in rhythm up and down. His hands grasped her bra, and pulled it down, and Janelle leaned forward so his mouth could reach her nipples as she continued to thrust herself on him even as he thrusted into her until they finally came in unison. It took all her strength to keep from crying out in ecstasy and he spent himself into her, and they laid there, together, for a moment as they caught their breaths, then quickly dressing, they returned to the counter.

“Now, I can offer you a new delivery time for the missed shipment for tomorrow, will that be alright?”

“Yes, little miss.” He said, in a smooth drawl, “I can live with that. Thank you for your time.” And he left.

“Are you alright Janelle?” Terri asked.

“Yes.” Janelle said, but she was breathless when she had said it, “Why?”

“You seem flushed. I hope you are not coming down with something.”

“No,” Janelle said, “No, sorry, just a little…. Tired, is all.”

“Well you take care, alright?” Terri said, and left Janelle back at the counter.

“Shit, that was hot.” Janelle thought to herself. “And at least I got him calmed down.” Then she smiled at herself. She did not think she had that in her, but apparently it worked, and it worked quite well. The rest of her day went off as usual, but she kept the memory of her tryst with her, and it brought a secret smile to her face.

“I need you to pull the orders for tomorrow morning into the back to make room for todays shipments.”

Janelle looked up from her reverie, and saw Dawn standing next to her.

“Today would be a good day.” She said.

“Sorry.” Janelle replied, “I will get right on that.” And she left the desk for the back room.

Pulling skids was not a fun part of the job, but it had to be done. Then again, every job had it share of less than enjoyable moments. As he started to move the product, she recalled a few weeks ago, when again she was forced to deal with a very irate customer. No matter what she did, he would not accept that they oversold a product, and wanted it right away. He was old, like at least 40, and very stubborn, so finally, she conceded that she was not going to win this man over normally, she came from around the counter, and said, “Follow me.”

Again, she led him to the first-aid room, and locked the door. If questioned, to this day she cannot explain where the sudden courage came from, maybe it was his arrogant tone that made her want to take him down a peg, but she locked the door, turned to him, and said “Strip.”

“What?” he said.

“Strip.” She repeated.

“I… I am…”
“No.” she said, in a very cold, demanding tone, “You will shut up and listen to me, now take your clothes off.” And he looked at her, puzzled, then she said, “NOW!”

The man began to undress, watching her all the time, not sure what was happening. As he did so, Janelled undid her pants, and slipped out of her shoes, and her panties, but left her shirt and bra on.

“Bed.” She pointed, and the man sat naked on the edge of the bed.

“Lay down.” She commanded, “Do I have to tell you everything. Lay down, and shut up.” And the man did as he was commanded, and Janelle climbed on him. For all his fear, the sight of Janelle’s trimmed little pussy was sufficient to get him erect, and Janelle climbed on him, sliding him deep inside her.

“Oh my god.” She moaned softly, not wanting to be heard outside, and she kept massaging him with her body, riding him slowly at first, bringing him harder and harder to arousal. He was close. Janelle could feel it. Could feel him build in her, and she began to hear a moan begin to escape his lips when she clasped her hands over his mouth as he came inside her.

Janelle’s mind exploded with the sensation. She was hot and cold, shaking, and yet calm, and once she was sure he was silent she took her hands off his mouth.

Janelle climbed off him, and used the paper towel to clean up the ;iquid running down her leg.

“I am going back to my desk.” She said, as she pulled up her pants, and stuffing her panties into her pocket, she slipped into her shoes, “You come out when you are dress, and we will discuss our options again, and you will say nothing,” then looking him square in the eyes, said, “NOTHING, got it, of what just happened.”

The man had no idea what to do, but he could not believe what had happened, and did not care, he nodded, and got dressed. A few minutes later the man arrived back at Janelle’s counter and fully accepted everything she offered him.

"Done yet?" Terri said, and Janelle once more tried to focus her thoughts to the present.

“Yes.” She said as she moved the last pallet into place.

“Good, I need you to run into the office and go through some SAM’s cases.” Terri told her, and Janelle perked up a little. SAM’s cases were customer service files, and it was an important part of the job. What made it pleasing was it was all paperwork, sitting in a warm office. Her being trained to handle these was probably a direct result of the conversation she and Terri had a while back when Terri discovered Janelle’s unique solution to customer complaints. One morning Janelle showed up for her shift, and Terri was waiting at the counter for her. This was odd as Terri seldom ventured out of the office, feeling that dealing with people is beneath her, but here she was. As Janelle approached the desk, Terri moved out into the common area and said, “Janelle, I need to see you for a moment.”

“O.K.” Janelle said, but then noticed Terri walking toward the First Aide room, and she stopped.
“Come along.” Terri said, “It is not like this is your first time in here is it?” and Janelle knew she knew. Janelle swallowed hard, and stepped into the small room that she had been in so many times already. It somehow felt smaller. She stepped through the door, and Terri locked it behind her.

“I understand you have been spending quite a bit of time in here.” Terri said, and Janelle’s knees started to go weak, “I just wanted to say,” and she paused, watching Janelle, squirm, then smiled and continued, “Well done.”

Janelle was shocked. She stared at Terri for a moment, waiting for the punch line of her joke, but Terri said nothing.

"You, you know?" she asked, "You know what I did, what I do, here?"

"Yes, actually, but since no one has complained, and customer satisfaction," and Terri grinned at the word-play, "is, well, shall we say, UP, I see no reason why you can't do this, officially."

"Officially?" Janelle asked.

"Yes." Terri said, "What you are doing is working, but it is not without risk. So we need to reduce that risk." and as she said that, she opened the drawer in the cabinet next to the bed, and pulled out a box of Trojan condoms. "Use them." she said. as she tossed the box to Janelle.

"But..." Janelle began to say, but Terri held up her hand to cut her off.

"Use them. Also, are you on the pill?"

Janelle nodded, her ability to speak starting to wane.

"Good, they are covered by your health insurance, also, every three month, you need a physical examination." she continued, "We want you to stay healthy, and keep doing what you are doing." then she eyes Janelle up and down for a moment, then said, "One more thing." and Janelle looked at her puzzled, "Strip." she said.

"What?" Janelle was shocked.

"Take your clothes off. If you are going to represent the company, I need to know what we are working with, now, take them off."

Janelle started to undo the buttons on her yellow and blue striped shirt. Slowly, not out of showmanship, but just nervousness. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to be doing, but we given an order, and she needed to follow through. Slowly she undid the buttons. IKEA policy states the shirts cannot be tucked in, so she was able to undo her buttons all the way without stopping, and then she slipped the shirt over her shoulders ad let it fall to the floor. Janelle crossed her arms over her bra, and stood there for a moment.

"Continue." Terri commanded, and Janelle slipped her sneakers off her feet, and undid the belt on her pants, then the button, then the zipper, and as she slid them over her ass, and down her legs, she watched Terri, trying to find out what she was looking for.

"You will need better lingerie." Terri said, as Janelle stepped out of her pants, stood up, and again covered herself as best she could. The room felt unusually cold, as she withstood the gaze of her boss. "All the way." Terri said, and Janelle's body shook uncontrollably as she undid her bra, and slowly pulled it off her shoulders, dropping it behind her in the pile of clothes. She again covered her breasts with her crossed arms, and Terri looked her up and down, "The rest." she said, "All of it. Socks too, everything, off." and Janelle rested her hand on the counter where the medical supplies were kept, as she took her socks off, then finally, she pulled off her panties, and with one arm across her chest, and her hand covering the area between her legs, she stood there as Terri looked at her.

"Arms down." she said, and Janelle, placed her arms at her side, completely naked, her body covered in goose pimples, and she shook uncontrollably. "Turn." Terri told her, and Janelle, began to slowly rotate on the spot she stood as Terri looked over every inch of her body.
"Nice." she said, as she eyed Janelle, "I can see why people are willing to concede to you." she continued her examination as Janelle continued to slowly rotate on the spot.. "You can stop now." Terri said, and Janelle breathed out heavily as if she had been holding her breath. Again Janelle covered herself with her hands, but Terri took her writs and pulled them away from her body. "Stand still." she said, and she softly touched Janelle's stomach.
"Nice. A little soft, but nice." she said, then she slowly moved her hands up Janelle's body to cup her breasts.
"I can probably get clearance for implants, if you like." Terri said, then amended, "But they are nice and firm," and she brushed her thumbs across Janelle's nipples, already erect from being naked, "We will put that on the back burner." she said, then walked behind Janelle and cupped her buttocks, softly digging her fingers into Janelle's cheeks. "I like your ass." she said, "Small, firm, probably your best feature." then she walked back over to the bed, and sat down, and Janelle again tried to cover herself with her hands.

"Yes, you will make an excellent customer service associate." Terri said, then, "Alright, get dressed."

Janelle quickly dressed, comforted by the feel of her clothes on her skin again, and followed Terri out of the room.

The new position had many perks. She had a wardrobe budget, full medical, and it got her out of doing many of the unsavory chores she once had to do. Of course her new position had a few distasteful aspects as well. Satisfying customers meant sometimes she had to reach deep to accommodate their needs. About a week into her new job, she had taken a very attractive man, mature, but still very well built, into her room. She proceeded to undress, when he stopped her.

"No." he said, putting his hand over hers as she started to undo her buttons, that won't be necessary."

"You do realize what this special service is for?" she asked.

"Yes, and I am quite sure you are very capable, but I need something a little different." he said.

Janelle looked puzzled, and a little worried, not fully comprehending what this man was asking of her. He undid his pants, and dropped them, and his underwear, to the floor so that he stood naked from the waist down before her.

"Come here." he said, and Janelle obliged, stepping slowly toward him. He placed his hands on her shoulder and applied pressure to indicate she should kneel, and she did as he suggested. His penis looked so huge from this angle as she kneeled before him, and saw how long, and thick, and hard he was, and she was pretty sure she knew what had to be done.

Janelle took his manhood in her hands, and slowly started to massage his shaft, moving up to the head, over it, and back down. She continued to stroke him, slowly, as he stiffened more. Janelle then placed her mouth over his head and slowly started to suck on the, maintaining her stroking of his shaft. Her tongue slid along the slit in his head as her lips pulled on the pink head as she sucked more and more until she could feel his penis stiffen harder, then start to jerk. He grabbed Janelle’s hair and wrapping it around his fingers, held her head to him. Janelle had a grip on his ass, holding him tight, her fingers digging into his flesh as he slowly thrusted into her mouth, over and over until he finally explode in her mouth. Janelle fought back her gag reflex as his cum sprayed across the top of her mouth, and dripped down the back of her throat, but the man still held her head to him as he slowly softened. Soon, he released her, and Janelle knelt on the floor, on all fours, coughing while the man pulled up his pants. “Thank You.” He said, and left Janelle alone in the room, panting for a moment before she got up, buttoned her shirt, smoothed it flat, and left the room.

Terri put her hands on Janelle’s shoulders and squeezed softly.
“Lost in thought?” She asked as she absently massaged Janelle’s shoulders.

“No.” Janelle said, not wanting to divulge her thoughts, “Just trying to focus.”

“I know paperwork can be boring,” Terri said, “It’s a necessary evil.” And she squeezed Janelle’s shoulders again, then patting her shoulders, said, “Carry on.” And left Janelle at her desk. Janelle sighed, and went back to her paperwork. Terri was right. It was not pleasant, but it had to be done. Then Janelle’s recalled another instance where she did something she thought was unpleasant, and yet ended up being a very pleasurable experience. If she could focus on the positive aspects of paperwork, no physical exertion, warm, sitting down, maybe the boring aspect would not be so bad. In fact, it was just last week, she was called to the counter to satisfy a customer. As usual, Janelle led the man to what she was now dubbing “The Red Room”, more as a joke, as the room was not actually painted red, and locked the door. Janelle began to unbutton her shirt, when the man placed his hand on hers, and said, “Let me.”

Slowly, his fingers plied her buttons, releasing each one with ease, until her shirt was completely open. He slid his hands into her shirt and cupped her waist in his hands, slowly moving up her ribs, the cupping her breasts through her lace bra, a new addition to her wardrobe, thanks to her rather generous clothing allowance, then up to her shoulders, sliding her shirt off her shoulders and allowing it to float to the floor behind her. Janelle shivered slightly at his touch, not from cold, but from excitement. This was the first time she had been undressed by a man in her life, and it was arousing. As his hands slid over her shoulders, he drew Janelle into him, and pressing his hands against her back kissed her softly on the mouth. Janelle slid her hands up his back, cupped his head, and held him in the kiss, their tongues touching, seeking, as he started to undo her bra. As he pulled slowly back from the kiss, he brought he bra with him, sliding it over her shoulders, and down her arms, then taking the straps in both hands, hooked it over her head, to her shoulder blades, and pulled her back into the kiss, but instead of soft, and tender, it was forceful, animalistic, and so very hot.

Janelle's breasts pressed against his cotton shirt, and she could feel his arousal through his chino's, but all she really felt was his hot breath, and tongue, and lips. She was vaguely aware that he had dropped her bra behind her until she began to feel his hands slide up between them to cup her naked breasts. Again he pulled back from her, and Janelle's breath was coming in short rasps, then a sharp intake as she felt his lips on her nipples. His tongue brushed across the erect nipples, as his mouth closed over the firm, pink flesh of her breasts. He sucked softly on one breast, his tongue caressing the nipple, as he cupped the other breast in his hand, softly pinching the erect nipple as he massaged it, then he slowly switch over, sucking the other breast as he fondled the now free breast. Janelle pulled him into her, holding him, grasping his buttocks, she kept his body close to hers as he attended her body. Slowly, he began to kiss her breasts, then her sternum, then down between her breasts to her belly, and kneeling before her, he undid her belt, and the button on her pants, and then slowly, ever so slowly, pulled down her zipper. Janelle’s heart was pounding at how hot this was. Her thin, lace thong was barely visible across the V created when he opened her pants, and his tongue licked a little circle around her navel before he continued kissing down her belly. His hands grasped the waistband of her pants and slowly pulled them over her hips, and she could feel his knuckles sliding across her thighs as he slid her pants down.

Janelle could barely move. Every inch of her body was excited. She shook uncontrollably, and she held onto his head to keep herself from falling as he slowly pulled down the front of her panties, exposing her newly trimmed bush. His lips brushed through the soft down freed from beneath her thong as he pulled her panties all the way down to her knees. Using his thumbs, he pulled open the tender pink slit between her legs and slid his tongue inside her. Janelle’s legs began to shake from the excitement as she held his head firmly, almost placing all her weight on him in an effort to maintain her stance. She slowly thrusted her hips forward to him, allowing him deeper access to her. His hands grabbed her ass, his fingers digging into the flesh of her buttocks, holding her as his tongue slid inside her. The man slid his hands from her cheeks, down her legs, pushing the panties all the way to her ankles, and as Janelle balanced herself he slid both her pants and her panties off, leaving just her socks on.

Janelle was panting from the arousal. Her breasts heaved and her pulse pounded in her head as he slowly pulled away from her, and stood up. He took Janelle’s hands in his and led her to the counter that ran the length of the room, and opened the drawers until he found a bottle of lubricant, and the condoms.

“Lean against the counter and spread your legs.” He told her, and she obeys without question. She had been entered from behind before, and enjoyed the depth of the penetration, and the fact that her clit and breasts were easily available for touching while he performed his act. She placed her head on the cold, hard counter, and waited for him. She heard the condom package open, and a moment later, the sound of lubrication obviously being squeezed into his hands. Her heart pounded in anticipation, when she felt his hands on the cheeks of her ass, pulling it open, and then the incredible, tight force as he entered her ass, not her vagina.

Janelle grabbed a towel from the counter and held it to her mouth, stifling the cry of anguish she was feeling as he forced his way into her, pushing hard, opening her up wider. The man thrusted hard into her ass, each thrust pushing himself deeper into her. Janelle placed the towel in her mouth and bit down hard as he continued to thrust, until finally she felt him cum inside her. Slowly the man pulled himself out of her, and Janelle could see him walking over to the trash to dispose of the condom as she laid her head on the towel, her whole body shaking, her knees weak, as she tried to hold onto the counter. Soon, though, her legs gave out, and she started to slide to the floor, turning her body, she lowered herself to the floor and sat down, the cold tile felt good against her ass, as she curled her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them, she sat there for a moment.
There was a knock on the door and Terri poked her head in.

"Janelle?" she said, then entered fully into the room as she saw Janelle sitting on the floor, naked, her knees pulled up to her chest, "Are you alright?" she said, as she locked the door for privacy, and came over to sit next to Janelle.

Janelle looked over to her boss, and with a forced reply said, "A little sore." she said, "Gimme a moment."

"What happened?" Terri asked, as she wrapped her arm around Janelle's shoulder and pulled her close.

"Nothing." Janelle said, as she rested her head on Terri's shoulder.

"C'mon, I need to make sure your well-being is looked after, what happened?"

"Nothing, really, "Janelle said, "It was just... my first... anal."

Terri stood up, and held her hand out to Janelle, "Come." she said, and as Janelle took her hand, Terri helped Janelle to her feet, "We can take care of that for you. Terri led Janelle, who was still walking a little stiffly from the pain, "Here," she said, leading Janelle to the bed, "Lay on your stomach." she told Janelle. Janelle eased herself onto the bed. The sheets felt cool, and she curled her hands under the pillow, and laid her head down.

"Spread your legs a little." Terri told her, and Janelle squirmed her body a little, getting comfortable before she parted her legs. Terri opened one of the drawers and pulled out a tube of Vaseline, then sitting on the end of the bed, squeezed a little of the lotion into her hands and rubbed them together. She then slowly started to massage Janelle's buttocks. Starting with the cheeks.

“Better?” she asked as she slowly rubbed the lotion on Janelle’s cheeks. Janelle had her eyes closed, and just sort of sighed a :Hmmm hmmm.” As Terri continued to massage her.

“Like everything, “Terri continued to tell her, “It gets easier the more you do it.”
She rubbed more lotion on Janelle, massaging the flesh, and slowly moving toward the anus. Janelle gasped a little as it was still very tender, but Terri rubbed the tender area around the anus slowly, gently.

“Just relax,” Terri said, as she could feel Janelle tense slightly at her touch, “Just breathe, and relax.” And she gently slid her finger into Janelle’s ass, massaging her inside, caressing her very tenderly as she continued to comfort her.

Once she could feel Janelle's tension ebbing, she carefully began to massage deeper into Janelle's anus. Janelle gasped at first, but the lubrication, and the tender touch of her boss, relieved the pain she was feeling, and after a while, the pain was more of a dull ache. Janelle was soon breathing deeply, almost drifting off to sleep. Terri caressed Janelle’s back with the back of her fingers, slowly tracing a line up her spine, then across her shoulders. She moved Janelle’s hair to one side and caressed her neck. Janelle turned onto her side and looked up at her boss.

“Thank You.” She mouthed, then stretching, Janelle sat on the end of the bed. “I guess I need to get back to work now.” She said, and stood up. Terri watched as Janelle dressed. She started with her lacy little thong. Terri liked this one because it exposed all of Janelle’s tight little ass. She then slipped on her socks and put on her pants. Picking her bra up off the floor, Janelle slipped her arms into the loops, and began to reach behind her to do it up when Terri came from behind and took the clasps.
“Let me do that” she said as she began to clip the hooks together, then she said, “Turn around.” And Janelle turned to face her boss. Terri, ran her fingers under the cups of Janelle’s bra to make sure everything was in place, as she said, “Have you thought about front clasping bras?” as she traced her fingers under the top portion of the cups.

Janelle took Terri’s hands in hers and removed them from her breasts, then picked up her shirt and slipped it on. Terri began to button up Janelle’s shirt as she continued talking.

“You would look so good in red.” She said as she looked at Janelle’s bra still peeking through the cleavage, then, she finished doing up Janelle’s shirt, smoothed down her collar, and said, “Well, back to work.”

Janelle finished her paperwork, and went out to the counter to see how everything was proceeding. It was a busy day, and people were scheduling deliveries, and picking up product. The electronic sign they used to determine the status of the orders was almost full, and the noise was almost deafening as Janelle moved behind the counter. Moving to the back area, she started pulling carts of product to the common area and calling out the order numbers for pick up. A mature man started yelling at the co-worker behind the counter, "I want my stuff now." he called out.

"What seems to be the problem?" Janelle interrupted, and then seeing the man said, "Oh, Mr. Fletcher, how nice to see you again."

"Well hello Janelle." he said, and he smiled at her, "I have been here for almost two hours, and I still do not have my order."

"Well, let me just take a look." she said, and she keyed some information into the computer, "It looks like they are still picking your order, but I am sure if you will just follow me, I am sure we can ease this situation for you." At that point, a woman came up beside Fletcher and said, "Excuse me, but I am MISSUS Fletcher, and if there is anything you are going to do about this, I intend to be there."

Janelle looked at Mr. Fletcher, who just shrugged his shoulders, then, looking both of them, said, "Well, follow me then." she said and led the couple to the first aid room. As she locked the door, Janelle said, "So, did you want to sit somewhere while we do this?"

"No," Mrs. Fletcher said, "I am going to be part of this."

Janelle started to undo her shirt, and she saw Mr. Fletcher begin to undo his belt when Mrs. Fletcher said, "Wait." The two stopped, and looked at her. Dispite her mature age, she had a dominating presence. She walked over to Janelle, and took Janelle's collar into her hands, while looking at her husband and saying, "Sit." Mr. Fletcher sat on the bed as Mrs. Fletcher bent forward, while lifting Janelle's chin up so that they were looking into each others eyes, and she closed in and kissed Janelle. At first, Janelle, just pursed her lips for the kiss, but she felt Mrs. Fletcher's mouth cover hers,. and her tongue forcing its way into hers so that she was compelled to open her mouth to return the kiss.. As the two women kissed, Mr. Fletcher sat and watched, and was becoming physically aroused. Mrs. Fletcher continued to kiss Janelle, and Janelle was getting lost in the sensation of this remarkably attractive woman who was obviously quite skilled at kissing, and while kissing, she moved her hands from Janelle's collar the buttons on her shirt. Slowly she undid each button, still locked in the most sensual kiss, and as each button came free, Janelle was aware of Fletcher's fingers caressing her skin. Once the final button was undone, she felt Mrs. Fletcher's hands on her waist, then up to her ribs, across her breasts, softly caressing them for a moment, then up to her shoulders, and over and down, pushing the shirt to the floor. Janelle's legs started to feel weak from the sensation.

Janelle's eyes were closed as she lost herself in the sensation of this woman, and was only vaguely aware that Mrs. Fletcher had started to pull away, She opened her eyes, and could make out Mr. Fletcher behind his wife, and she could see his hands wrapped around her, undoing the buttons on the white silk blouse. She watched as he seamlessly undid each button. She could see the white push-up bra starting to peek out from behind the blouse, and the soft tan of her skin. Janelle reached forward to pull the blouse out from under Mrs. Fletcher's waistband so that her husband could finish undoing her buttons, and watched as he slowly peeled back the blouse.

"Come here." Mrs. Fletcher told Janelle even as she turned to kiss her husband, and when she felt Janelle's body close in on hers, she reached behind to take Janelle's hands and pull her closer, placing Janelle's hands on the button of her slacks while she continued kissing her husband. Janelle understood the silent command, and undid the button on her slacks. She began to slide the zipper down, and slip her hand inside, feeling the satin fabric of Mrs. Fletcher's panties as she slid both hands up to the waistband, and began to pull the pants down. Janelle was kneeling behind Mrs. Fletcher her slacks at her ankles, and Janelle slowly lifted the woman's foot, so slide off her shoes, and the leg of her pants, then repeated the maneuver with the other foot. She slid the slacks out of the way and caressing the woman's legs she slowly stood up. Mrs. Fletcher was at least siz inches taller than Janelle, but standing up behind the woman still put her in easy access to the woman's bra strap. The back strap was a wide, three hook style to hold the woman's ample 38D breasts, and when Janelle undid the hooks, she ran her fingers across the dent in the flesh from the strap. She then slid her hands along the woman's ribs, under the now loose bra, and cupped her breasts in her hands, as she layed her head on Mrs. Fletcher's back.

"Now take off my husband's pants." she told Janelle, who moved behind the man now and kneeling behind him, duplicated the motions she just finished with Mrs. Fletcher. She looked up while performing her duty, and could see Mr. Fletcher suckling at his wife's breasts. As Janelle undid the zipper, she could feel how aroused the man had become. She pulled his legs out from the pants and slid them across the floor to join Mrs. Fletcher's slacks. Standing up, she reached around Mr. Fletcher's waist, and slid her hands under his jockey's, feeling his erection, hot, hard, in her hand, and she massaged the tender, purple tip. Mrs. Fletcher stops her husband from pleasuring her, and pulls Janelle's hands out of her husband's underwear, and says, "Come here."

Janelle moved around Mr. Fletcher, as his wife turned to meet Janelle. Mrs. Fletcher took Janelle's hands in hers and looked her over. "Front clasp." she commented, then releasing Janelle's hands, she walked behind her, and holding her shoulders, she presented Janelle to her husband. "Take her pants off." she commanded him. Fletcher kneeled before Janelle, and slowly undid her belt, as Mrs. Fletcher reached from behind her, cupping Janelle's breasts. Janelle could feel his hands caressing her between her legs, as Mrs. Fletcher caressed her breasts, running her thumbs over the cups of her push-up bra, and her nipples started to harden at the touch. Janelle could feel Mr. Fletcher pulling her pants down, and her flesh pimpled as it was exposed to the air. She became intensely aroused at the dual touching of this couple. Her pants pooled at her ankles, Fletcher pulled her thong down as well, and spread her vagina open. As he slid his tongue into her, Mrs. Fletcher undid the front clasp of Janelle’s bra and tossed it to the side. Cupping Janelle’s breasts in her hands, she massaged the firm flesh as Mr. Fletcher helped Janelle out of her shoes, pants and panties. Janelle stood there, naked save for her socks, as the couple continued to stimulate her. Janelle thrust her pelvis forward, letting Mr. Fletcher lick her clit as she bent backwards and reached for Mrs. Fletchers head, pulling the woman closer to her so she could kiss her. Janelle’s breathing started to become harsh and erratic. Janelle felt like she was floating, then realized the Fletchers had lifted her up and were carrying her over to the bed. Like a feather, Janelle was lowered to the bed, and she watched as the Fletchers removed their underwear. Mr. Fletcher spread Janelle’s legs open and she felt the stiffness of his manhood slide into her wet pussy. It felt huge inside her and as Janelle gasped Mrs. Fletcher straddled her pert breasts, her shaved pussy just inches from Janelle. Janelle opened her up, spreading her vagina with her fingers, and Mrs. Fletcher lowered herself closer to allow access to Janelle’s tongue. Janelle grabbed Mrs. Fletcher’s hips as she plunged her tongue into the woman, while Mrs. Fletcher leaned forward to caress Janelle’s clit, while her husband continued to thrust into her, while kissing his wife.

Janelle reached around Mrs. Fletcher’s hips and found the downy landing strip between her legs, and started to caress her clitoris. The three of them continued the simultaneous stimulation, with Janelle fondling Mrs. Fletcher, while eating her out, Mrs. Flether, rubbing Janelle’s clitoris while kissing her husband, who was thrusting hard and deep into the little lady until they managed to finally climax together. Mrs. Fletcher repositioned herself so that she sat at the head of the bed, Janelle’s head nestled between her legs as she leaned forward to massage Janelle’s breasts. Mr. Fletcher had finally pulled out, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, catching his breath. Mrs. Fletcher leaned forward to kiss Janelle on the mouth.

“That was very worth it.” She said, then swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, sat up, took a deep breath, the rose from the bed, and holding her hand out to her husband, said, “Let’s see f our order is ready.”

Janelle rolled onto her side and watch the couple get dressed. For a mature couple, they kept themselves in remarkable shape. Even Mr. Fletcher was fairly trim, and wonderful stamina, but she had to admire Mrs. Fletcher. There was hardly a wrinkle on her, and as she watched the woman dressed, she played back the scenario of the threesome, and how so erotic it was. She slid off the bed, and asked if she could help them dress.

Mrs. Fletcher stood there in her panties, and spread her arms out, “Please.” She said.

Janelle picked up the woman’s bra, a little bashful when she noticed how much larger her cups were to Janelle’s, but slid it over her arms anyway, and casually slid the cups over Fletcher’s ample breasts. Her body pressed against Mrs. Fletcher’s breasts as she reached around to do up the clasps.

Mr. Fletcher stood naked before Janelle, holding his jockey’s out to her. Janelle took them, and kneeling before the man, slid them over his feet, as he balanced himself by holding onto Janelle’s shoulder. Once both feet were in, she slid them up his legs, lightly cupping his balls, and softly stroking his now flaccid member, before carefully sliding the brief’s on.

Mrs. Fletcher took the intervening time to slide into her own skin tight jeans, but held her blouse out for Janelle. Janelle took the silk, and wrapped it around the woman’s body, letting her slide her arms into the sleeves, then slowly started to button up the shirt, never taking her eyes off the woman’s breasts the whole time, and hoping she could some day get the chance to suck on them in the future.

Soon, the two were dressed, and standing behind the door, she let the two customers out, then closing the door and locking it, she dressed herself.

“Wow.” She said softly to herself, “A threesome. Now that was fun.”

Once she was dressed, she rinsed her mouth out with the supplied mouthwash, smoothed her uniform, and left to go back to her desk. She had to pause for a bit as her legs were still a little weak, but a few deep breaths later, she was ready to go back to work.