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2012-12-07 18:42:24 (UTC)

This is Becoming a Habit!

This is beginning to get very interesting now! I'm actually here for another day trying to write something new. The hours have been passing and I have had a very quiet day today. I like quiet days nothing wrong with that and I suppose it relates to the fact that I truly am a quiet person at heart. The weather has been very cold today. I went for my early morning walk and everyone else was still asleep; I'm referring to the neighbours of course as I don't actually live with anyone.

It was nice to walk along the river in the darkness and I could hear the geese swimming around nearby. I love the animals and wildlife and I really wish that I had a pet or animal of my own. This is obviously impossible right now though as I don't have the finances to support anyone or anything else other than myself. So, there you have it. Dinner has been cooked and there's only the washing up left, a boring task but it has to be done. It's Friday evening so I will be relaxing in front of the television. Should I be sharing this much information with the world? Life goes on. End of log.