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2012-12-05 22:10:29 (UTC)

I Keep On Writing!

I'm feeling cold and I am about to call it a night. It's 10:10pm and it's quiet. There's snow and ice outside but I don't have to worry about that right now but I'm hoping that it disappears by tomorrow morning so I can get out there on my bike and experience my regular freedom. So, what am I thinking about right now? Not much. I'm thinking that I'm continuing to live a life that I do not enjoy. All of a sudden this is about to become a sad and depressing journal entry! Well, the key to everything is money and I just don't have enough of the green stuff.

I would like to have more money in my life so that I could do the things I want to do. There are lots of things that I would like to do but cannot do as they are either way out of my league or so expensive that they will never become a reality unless I hit the jackpot on the lottery. I think it's nice to dream big dreams and I certainly indulge in a lot of wishful thinking. I'm the quiet chap that always resides in the background you hardly notice him. I do not crave the attention of others and I am my own best friend.

I hope that I have many years to live on this Earth and that is why I do my best to keep fit on a daily basis. I cycle daily and I also go out for morning walks beside a river close to where I live. The surroundings are nice and there's nothin but countryside. I love the company of horses when I go out on my morning walk. The horses reside in solitary fields with nothing but the wind and the grass for company. I sometimes wonder if they understand the way I am. I long to communicate with the animals like St Francis of Assisi but I'm no saint! When I suddenly stop walking and gaze down at the geese floating on the water I enjoy that brief moment in time. There are many moments that I cherish. Anyway, just words I guess. It's time for me to call it a night. Goodnight world! End of log.