lora morel

What God says to me
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2012-12-05 21:23:54 (UTC)

The good life

We spend so much of our time wishing and wanting more, wasting our lives, even if it's just minutes doing so. Every minute counts, especially with our loved ones. WE CAN have a good life with what we have. We need to learn to enjoy the small things, a cup of tea, a good book, a warm home to do whatever you want, sitting on our porch at sunset, those cozy socks or the birds that chirp outside our window.

I know a lady who's poor and alone, she eats TV dinners because she can't stand long enough to cook. I think about her often, sitting in her only chair, her folding table, TV dinner, in front of her old TV without cable, watching the same movies over and over. Yet, she is joyful and thankful for the dry, warm home she has. Her bed, her blankets, her teapot, her cat, her cozy sweater, Meals on Wheels, and the birds that sing outside her window.

Lets not waste our lives, slow down and enjoy the small things. Be thankful always, focus on the good and don't dwell on the bad. Life is good.

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