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2012-12-04 19:57:54 (UTC)


Tuesday 7:58 PM December 4, 2012

"One Hundred Sleepless Nights" by Pierce the Veil

I can't pinpoint the moment I decided I wanted a brother, but I remember the moment I decided I HAVE one.

Me and Caroline have always talked about wanting an older or younger brother. This summer, my cousin (who is my age) was going to move in. I wouldn't have minded, because I would've enjoyed him becoming my brother, but I'm also glad because he was incredibly annoying. Mostly because he "stole" my dad, who adores him. He didn't steal him, but my dad mostly only ever payed attention to Daxton, my cousin, not me.

I was not used to that feeling. My dad always loved me and talked with me, but I guess it's okay that sometimes he wanted a boy, seeing as he lived with three women (now two).

Daxton never felt like a brother, if anything, he was just another irritatingly immature cousin. Lol, i sound horrible, but those were honestly my thoughts.

I decided who my brother was in May. The douchebag, Ethan. It's kind of funny because I realized I loved him as a brother after he crashed our car into a telephone pole. I was so freaked out afterwards with the humongous pole hanging over our head, and the back end of the car where I was sitting flung up a couple feet, but the scariest part was of no control.

I like it, somehow.

I miss it, somehow.

But anyhow, Ethan wrapped his jacket around me and kept apologizing, and he was so nice to me and my sister (who was also in the accident.). I really hope they get married someday.

That's when I decided he should definitely be my bro, yo.

Lol, k bye, this was pointless except to say he CAN be a douche... including yesterday on facebook, but people can be jerks to him, too.

Still, I wish he would just back down and shut up, sometimes.

It has to do with pride, I think.

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