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2012-12-04 21:12:13 (UTC)

Life Can Be So Mundane!

Here I am once again typing away at my computer not knowing what to write or where the words will come from. It's late evening and it's quiet. I have been studying and my eyes are really tired from gazing constantly at the computer screen. It seems like this is my only form of communication that's to say my diary entries! I live a quiet life and that is ok. I think the saying goes whatever you have not experience in life you cannot miss.

I don't know what it's like to party as I have never been brought up or been introduced to party going or socialising. The truth is I'm a quiet chap and I don't see myself ever changing. I live my life from day to day in hope that something miraculous will take place, these are just dreams reality is very different. The weather is turning colder and I am now wearing several layers as I struggle to keep warm in my flat. When you are not working there's very little money and so I have to cut back on almost everything. There's no overspending for me.

I attend college two days per week and I'm trying build on my current IT certifications even though it seems at times that they are pointless. I'm not exactly being inundated with interviews and I notice that there are 100 plus applications per job these days so what are the chances of securing that job when there are so many applicants? Virtually nill I would think. I'm trying to remain positive despite everything that is going on around me. I enjoy my regular fitness training on a daily basis. I go out every morning for a cycle ride and then there's a morning walk and I feel exhausted by the time I return home. I just know that all the effort I'm putting into my exercise is paying off in terms of me feeling good and healthy. Anyway, these are just words and they seem to be flowing even though this entry may be utter nonsense! Life goes on and it's another day tomorrow. End of log.