Daring Girl
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2012-12-04 23:23:00 (UTC)

Only a Simple ME

Dear Diary,
I will be formal TODAY as it is my very first ONLINE DIARY.Well,i just wanted to experience something new, as usual, i like to try new things.Anyway, though it won't be a private diary, i still think there will be few of you to read It. But, i am not always that boring..hihihihi...today is only the beginning..later on you will see how my Diary turns to be interesting day by day...

Soooo many things happen to me that sometimes i think i should write a book...So, why not start with a Diary and if i find people want to know more and are reading it, that will encourage me to have it published..

One more thing,its obvious in the Diary there will be recent news..and in the book all the past beautiful,crazy memories will there.I am not afraid of starting my diary with recent happenings doubting that i will be blank after...because i know that i will always have things to relate because ''I HAVE A CRAZY LIFE''.

Bye for now. Goodnight .