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2012-12-04 10:56:17 (UTC)

First day back from holiday...

First day back from holiday. Tuesday. Sat in a software training class provided by work. Tired but terribly horny and thinking of Davy. I saw some new pics of him last night from about 4 years ago. He looked slightly skinnier, smaller younger but still sexy. Hoped for a moment at the time that I might see him and think what was the fuss about' but quite the opposite... I was on my way to stop thinking of him. Then I spoke with Mel who said I should call him one last time to find out what happens a and put my mind to rest. Then I said ok ill wait till the weekend. So I did but on Saturday i spoke with olive who said 'babe don't waste your time on him, even if U do call and he answers, you'll still feel like a mug for calling. I dont care how busy u are, u can still find time to send a text. He's just not that into you is the answer'. :( :( :( Olive is right and i know this of course but i can't help it. When it just suddenly stops like that... Especiallly when There are so signs.that were contrary. I don't know what happens now. Then i spoke to stef on Sunday and she said i SHOULD call him and be straight forward and honest. Obviously my common sense told me all along not to, but listening to stef and previously Mel, i thought why not? So on Sunday after chatting with stefi i called Davy..... It went straight to voicemail. Didn't even ring. So i think wtf has he blocked me? Did he find out i called his office and freak out? So predictably i take to google to find answers. I google how you know you have been blocked. And all the answers pointed to unlikely since it was a voicemail, not a different message. So I remember he has moved jobs - his linkdn said he'd got that job ay Barclays. And my goodness.i so realise what a deranged wanna be stalker this boyb has turned me into. So I try calling him with a private number to see if he blocked me and still answer phone. Then i think at this point the realisation that i was pretty much out of touch with him just put me into an anxious mode.