2012-11-30 06:33:18 (UTC)


Yesterday I said hi to M, and he gave me the cutest smile ever and said Hey back. If that is how he actually smiles for being polite I'm going to die. I like him a lot.

I messaged A through Tru's account and now I'm wondering if he's creeped out. I would understand. Doing that was so stupid because she told who it was obviously later. Now he can start identifying hints. Fml. I don't wanna like A. I don't like A. I never liked A.

J is...I don't know how I feel about him anymore. He's so adorable and he doesn't even care when I fuck around with him but he's too...I don't know. He has no type of game. He never did, that's what made him so cute.

I have no words to say about P.