2012-11-28 06:56:20 (UTC)

Something in my Heart

It's telling me not to go to school.
But it's Colloquium. It's really hard.
Aamir knows that a girl likes him, but truth is I don't know who the girl is and I don't wanna tell him and I just wanna make him happy so I have to find the girl. Why is he even worrying about it, she's prolly not even cute. Everyone else thinks I like him though.

I wouldn't want to deny it.
But i am.

Phil owes me a hug and a conversation and our friendship back and his character.
I'm so glad to see Sacryy. I missed the shit out of him.
Yesterday was so long. The fuck.
Now there's a tight gut feeling in my stomach.
And it's really, really, REALLY telling me not to do or say something and I dunno what the future holds.

Or i could just be sick. I don't know anymore.