2012-11-25 14:48:56 (UTC)

How Much Stronger?

Do I keep liking Phil.
Because, it sucks. Feeling detached from my feelings. I don't wanna lie to myself anymore...I like him. But at the same time, my body is all out of fucks to give. And I feel nothing toward him. Nothing. It hurts.

I keep thinking about Rohail and I don't really like him...he's a good friend, just not...not my type of friend, you know. And Anthony too. I wonder if Zain saw his Wall post, he's kinda cocky.

I want to meet Faique too. I want to become more mature, but at the same time I don't wanna be uptight.

Do I really love Phil?
Do I really like Jiggy?
Do I really like Mohsin?
Do I really like Ahmed?