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2012-12-01 23:22:30 (UTC)


11:22 PM

why. why do you have to be such an awkward idiot.

why can't you socialize. why can't you make friends.

why can't you be happy with what you have. why can't you do what is asked. why.

why are you like this. is any of this even real? are you even really sad?

what is this. what are you doing with your life. you don't do anything besides sleep and write and draw.

why dont you try getting up? things are hard but you suck and no one cares. please. why do you have to hurt me so much. why do i have to hurt myself so much... why cant i get up. why cant i help my parents, why cant i help myself.

why do i have to be such an awkward idiot. why cant i socialize.

why cant i make friends.

why cant i be happy,

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