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2012-12-02 00:38:49 (UTC)

Need Advice ?

sooo , i like this guy . &my friend dated him for like less than a month. and they broke up. its been like three months and shes moved on and has a new boyfriend. well, i know the guy i like likes me because of three reasons :

1. he had a status that said: girls i would date that like mmy status . then tagged me and one other girl.

2. his sis text me and was like: do you like my brother, jw ?

3. his sis AND her friend told me he did.

so, im afraid my friend would get mad at me if we dated because when him and another girl were flirting a while back she seemed to care A LOT even when she claimed she was over him.

and im scared because even though she has a new boyfriend and claims shes over him and its been three months shed like get mad at me.

so, if this boy asks me out should i say yes or no? three people told me i should just say yes. but i still dont know .

HELP .??

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