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2012-12-01 04:09:57 (UTC)

11/30/12 Fri

-stayed up all night last night trying to buy $400 stuffs from bloomingdales to get the $100 discount but couldn't find anything to buy
-went to sleep after 9 and woke up by Yung's call; he came to the house to pick me up after 11
-he thought there is lunch break so we went to office; stayed until 1pm; i found out from website that there is no lunch break and it closes at 2:30; so we went to Chinese embassy w/t him to apply visa
-dropped me off home; j took me to pick up slk; dinner is at 5:30; so we rushed home and rushed to house of prime rib; just 2 mins before we got there, yung said the dinner is cancelled b/c too many ppl; actually i think the reservation was made for exact # of ppl; didn't know what i wanted to eat b/c i was too tired so we came home;
-so tired but a lil hungry and still need to finish the online shopping otherwise don't know if will have time before it expires; heat up the duck rice J bought