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2012-11-30 18:09:50 (UTC)


November 30, 2012

So I wasn't gonna write about myself today because that gets boring, but let me just say, I wasn't able to have the therapist of choice so let's hope I can find one I like the way I wanted to see her. Ugh. So bad! Anyway, I drew a black ribbon on my wrist. Some of you might know what that means from tumblr, I don't feel like explaining it.

Aaron was normal today. She wrote me a letter back pretty much saying she didn't know what to say and defending what I said. I thought she wanted me to tell her that stuff so she could change herself? I didn't want her too but I was still honest. Maybe I shouldn't have been because I read Gillian's letter to her as well as Makayla's (I gave Makayla the letter to M today, btw. Moving on...). They were so nice, and they had like no complaints.

I pretty much said I wanted her to get over Brandon because he was a douche who didn't deserve her and didn't like her back, and I also said she shouldn't be so afraid to be herself around people. I'm really awkward but not even i am afraid to act like who I am. I do crazy weird things in public, hahahaaa. I get so many stares, and that just makes me laugh harder. Seriously, they must think I belong in a mental institution.

I also said she was beautiful, etc., and we should talk more but..... aah i feel like a major jerk because of that.

Erica dislikes Aid, and Aid hates Erica.

Oh, god. More of my friends hating my other friends. First Gillian and Lily (who probably won't make up for... oh, I don't know. ANOTHER YEAR?) and now Aid and Erica.

From what I hear, Aid started a rumour that Erica was letting this boy Juan touch her pussy. Lol, thats not true, I know that. I don't know if Aid started that rumor but I know that Erica didn't do that. She is the most... no, she wouldn't ever. Erica is the kind of girl who.. I can't really explain.

But can you imagine an innocent pretty blonde girl who strongly believes in morals and doesn't want a man to touch her in that area until she's married? That's her.

Anyway, I don't know who to believe but I guess everyone is saying Erica is a homewrecker. I'm not even.... People. Don't you have something better to do?

Speaking of which, ahha. I'm going to go now. Peace.


I'm going to have to fix this,

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