2012-11-30 21:28:11 (UTC)

This Week

this week has been very different and depressing.

First, we had a seminar about the kind of things that will mess up your life. It gave me a lot to think about and i had a chance to reflect on who i wanted to be. This was on Tuesday.

Then on Thursday, it was the year anniversary of a kid who committed suicide his freshman year, when i had not gone there . Thursday night, a kid who is a junior at my school committed suicide. I did not know him well but he was in my Channel 1 . he was very funny and cool and nice.

All the event that have taken place this week have really made me think about life and how precious it really is.

Like our principle told us today, you are always loved .

And to anyone reading this who is into bad habits or who self harms or is thinking about suicide, i want you to know that you are always loved. There will always be someone to help you. And i am always here for ANY of you. Your life is a precious thing, and whether you think it or not people DO care about you.

In all of my thinking, I know I want to be a person who does not mess up my life and I want to try to find the good in things and not let things get me depressed. This week has been very hard for my school . But like we said, we are a family . We stand together, and we fall together. I love my school family and i am always going to be there for them.

I also love each and everyone of you and i will always be here if you need me.

RIP Kyle and RIP Zac. </3 gone but never forgotten. Your family loves and misses you both and we all know you are now in a better place, watching over us and helping us with our hard times. WE LOVE YOU.<3