2012-11-30 11:27:57 (UTC)

Learn Something new!

It's 11:28am and I am freezing cold as I sit here in front of my computer. I am wearing multiple layers in order to keep warm and I won't have the heating on either as it is far too expensive. I have hot water bottles for company so it isn't too bad. I have decided to learn something new. I recently found a website: and it basically teaches you different programming languages and so I am currently learning javascript.

It's a very good website and I'm actually having fun going through the learning process; am I losing my mind? I don't think so. I have always been intimidated by lines and lines of code but I guess if you really study something you can become good at it with regular practise. So, it's Friday and I'm involved in study which is nice. It's good to be aiming and working towards something. I guess the whole of life is one big journey and you just do not know where you will end up. I'm trying to do my best but there are days when I would much rather give up and run away from life. If I do run away then I won't be achieving anything and I don't think I could live with myself. I already have many regrets in relation to my own life but I cannot relive the past. If I could relive the past then I would go back to school and take all my exams again!

Life goes on. I'm still waiting on the Euromillions lottery jackpot!

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