Diary Of a Marauder
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2012-11-30 13:25:41 (UTC)

Recently my sis had come..

Recently my sis had come home..And Wow! I absolutely love those days..We had so much fun, inspite of my upcoming exams.. She stayed till 18th.. The best day was the 18th itself..we went to Pantaloons without Mom, and we spent around 3 hours in the trial room..Imagine! :D I also met a not-so-famous singer who had participated in some singing reality show and had been the 4th runner-up..
Anyways..we bought maanyy dresses..:D And I had planned on geting a tunic..but I couldn't find any..:/

Then the so-dreaded exams started..it was, of course, a disaster!
:/ But what else could be expected..we didn't have any leave..and I wasted my entire holiday enjoying wth my sis..

Watched 2 episodes of the Vampire Diaries Season 3 today.. Gosh..I love Damon! <3

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