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2012-11-29 20:13:18 (UTC)

Geez!!! Death much?

So, I have this horrible fixation worrying about people dying because of 3 very traumatic events of people close to be dying. So today, all in one day, my friend calls and says that her father in law went to the doc a few days ago having pressure in his chest. They found nodules which turned out to be lung cancer, which had also spread to his bones and brain. They gave him 1 week to live. Then today at work, my co-worker gets a call from the hospital saying that her father was in a car accident and died on scene. OMG!!! Then my boss who is in remission from thyroid cancer gets her screening back and guess what? She has throat cancer. GEEZ! SOOOO SAD THAT I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!! Then my father calls and says he's in town and wants to take us to supper. In the middle of eating he says he just wants me to know that when he dies me and my brother each get $100,000 and his burial is already paid for. I told him I would rather not have that money and he says that he knows but it's gonna happen. Told him to just be quiet cause I can't handle it. OMG!!! I had to go to the restroom to compose myself. I really really cannot handle anyone else close to me dying. I really can't and can't imagine it happening. Had to take a klonopin in the restaurant to get it together. It's just so hard. My next therapy appointment isn't until the 18th because my shrink is on vacation. I can call him if I need to, but want to show that I can be strong and I refuse to take his time away from his family when he finally gets to relax from us crazies. Oh well, at least I get to release some emotions on here without actually having to look at someone and talk about it.