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2012-11-28 12:32:15 (UTC)

9/29/12 sat

-was taken to the hotel by a wu; but he is giving me to his fd; the guy just came from China; he seemed nice; we both couldn't go to sleep, talked the whole night; his fd brought beer; we played game and drank beer and fell asleep; had sex after we woke up; his dick is sooo small i won't miss it at all; took me home at 12;
-dim sum w/t J; reill and pedicure; wait for J to color his hair after i'm done with nails;
-period is not coming, shit, i'm really worried--this time is worse b/c it's not J's but that asshole little kid;
-ranch99 for ad but nothing; ate Ramen again; wanted to watch a movie but the show time was too late; came home watching silent hill again; J was mad that i admitted i had sex w/t a hao

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