2012-11-28 11:45:55 (UTC)

4/30/12 mon

-went to sleep at 12am; woke up at 1pm; yun wants to meet up but i didn't really care; he kept calling so i have to go at 4; the same bath house again; too bad he only wanted to have sex and i didn't get the massage i wanted; left at 6pm; dinner near my house; drop me off; saw chaochao's car downstairs--hubian was looking for me; dad didn't open door so i left w/t hubian; he took me to the 道长--supposedly to 算命 but all he did was talking about life philosophy; hubian wanted to stay in a hotel but i didn't; we went to 洪山hotel but i insisted on leaving; took me home before 1; online until 3

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