2012-11-28 11:31:16 (UTC)

4/27/12 Fri

-grandma passed away before 2am; everyone came; i still have to go to shenzhen so i did face mask shower; arranged some things; dad dropped me off at train station at 6am; very easy getting ticket and got on the train; so cold on the train but slept through all the way;
-got to shenzhen at noon; taking the subway to meet yung at luohu; had dim sum; shopped a little not enough though; next time i could just come by myself i think; head back at 4:30 but couldn't get ticket to go back today; learned a lesson, i should have bought it this morning; had to stay a night in shenzhen and yung already left for taiwan; yung asked lucy to look for a hotel online but i decided to stay at Marco Polo for the reward; took subway to get to hotel at 8pm; so tired and 心痛the 1200 rmb/$200 i could have saved--well, spend more, make more; watch tv

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