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2012-11-28 11:06:49 (UTC)

8/27/12 Mon

-got home at 7am; what a waste of time last night for $60; ate Korean noodle and watched a movie; shower bed at 9;
-got up at 5pm; got ready; sf hair salon to use the coupon for root touch-up; she just applied solution on my roots and i'm sitting here and wait; i don't know if it's any diff from doing it on my own? just hope the color will come out nice and worth the $50;
-the color turned out good, lightened my face
-J picked me up; Hard knox dinner;
-only 2 rooms but room 3 came; a wu was pushing me to sit his fd; i said no to go hotel with him so i don't know how long i'm gonna make the $200