2012-11-28 10:35:34 (UTC)

11/14/12 Wed

-woke up at 1pm; too late to go Monterey; J came at 2;
-office heat up New China leftover; ate very quick then head to Livermore outlet;
-pissed at J b/c he got lost and didn't find out the address ahead of time;
-the outlet wasn't big so we finished shopping
-didn't know where to have dinner b/c weiwei wanted American; couldn't find Chevy's or applebee and missed the outback exit; then J suggested to go to a steakhouse he been to w/t a huang and his gf and fds; i said no and he still insisted taking us; so i yelled at him and told him to go; dropped him off at long hair's house;
-Mexican restaurant nearby; it was pretty good; back to hotel