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2012-11-28 00:16:23 (UTC)

American Horror Story

12:16 AM

I need to sleep, but instead I am going to watch an episode of American Horror Story, which really, if you think about it should be about teens ruining their lives.

Through self harm, drugs, etc. And it should emphasize the fact that adults only see what they want to see. So us children are left alone.

I like the show, anyway, even if its not that scary.

Mom's not mad at me, because I apologized. Oh, and instead of stabbing my dad again, I threw a spoon. He asked me why I would throw a spoon, and said I could've broken something. I didn't tell him why, because he would only use his condescending stare and scoff to make me feel angrier. It wouldn't have taken much for me to actually stab him. Even the sound effects of my lead pencil sinking into his flesh were replaying in my mind, just the sweet, disgusting squelch.

I'm so sick, lol. I have problems. But once again, I feel like I don't need a therapist. But my mind changes all the time, so we'll see. Hopefully, she'll give me pills or something so I can stop being... this.

I don;t remember what I was going to write. I hate the future. I guess this is pointless.