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2012-11-28 02:57:46 (UTC)

This sucks a lot

I love him still and I miss home like. Easy but we are so Far apart I don't even know if I am aloud to tex him he is so important but no one knows how much I care about him he doesn't even know it is driving me crazy and I don't have the guts to tell him how I feel it is so upsetting I just want to kiss him I want to hit him I want to hold his hand and I just want to hang out at least a friends and we could be friends if my da didn't hate him so much I think that he can't look at me Into my blue eyes and stare at me and feel nothing and hOnestly say with hurtful wordss in a tone that he meant with truthful ness and say you mean nothIng to me and I feel nothing if he could honestly use those words I would be shocked because the way we felt together was better than I can say it was happy and amazing and the love was stronger and unbreakable with feelings not week but fradgIle and hard to be separated we were so happy and unexplainable it was word les s there is no word to say how I felt and if he. Felt the same then he must still love me because I saw it in his eyes that he did feel something he was the best thing I could ever had he was so amazing and I never got the chance tO kiss him I just wish I had it was a great feelIng to be with him I will always love hom I wish to be with him because every day and every night and every hour that goes by I feel the same with words not enogh and love so unique it can not be said and the waiting of seconds wondering if he is still in love with me but to scared to ask today tonight tomorrow last night too long for me too wait to be with him and I will always be there for him and love hom even though he is toxic this love is dangerous with no escape my head is spinning and I am dizzy and wishing that I would fall and wake up in his arms see his beautiful dark brown eyes sparkle in the dim light with his faint light peachy lips with a great smile with words that taste like sugar coming out of his mouth and he would kiss me and it would all be better my parents and my grades and everything else that is bothering but this isn't a fairy tail this is not a love story this is the real world. And the real world doesn't have anything good for me

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