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2012-11-27 20:18:13 (UTC)

What Should I Write About?

I don't know why I am here but I figured I would do some writing in order to find some peace in my world! I am fed up with the world and everything in it. There's nothing for me in this crazy existence. If there is a God then he has a very bad sense of humour. I used to be a practising Catholic once upon a time but I gave that up. It seemed as though I was praying and not getting anywhere; my heart's desires remain unfulfilled.

Life goes on all the same and I have to continue to drag myself out of bed each day as I go about my business, living in my own private world. There is no escape from the confines of your mind, I suppose that comes at Death! Anyway, these are just words, no real meaning to them. To hell with everything!:(

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