Fallen from Grace
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2012-11-27 07:26:28 (UTC)

What nourishes me... (Poem)

I am out there… I am close.
Do you hear me breathe? Do you smell my scent?
Do you feel my presence around you?
You are in my mist but do you see me?
If so come closer and look into the depths of my blackened eyes
You have sight but you can’t see what’s right in front of you.
Do you know what I am yet? I am forsaken!
Do you know who I am yet? Of course not!
You do not know me you only know my scars.
My wounds are map to my heart.
I’m hiding the nails of betrayal through my soul.
I find peace in your company.
While friends seem mythical and imaginary.
I know you are there even though I can’t see you
I call to you with silence being my loudest cry.
We are birds of a feather and I long to know your embrace.
Please bring me sleep oh great angel.
Shield me with the swiftness of your wings.
Its your intentions that make you good or evil.
Grant me this one wish and take away my ales.
By your hand I wither and fade away like flowers in the sun.
I am like frosted glass… never quite transparent and mysterious of what secrets I hold.
People stay so far away from me… afraid to come closer.
You are so close to me it taunts my being… yet you elude me.
I surrender myself to you cause we have both fallen from grace.
Our wounds are different but we both bleed.
I have come to understand one main thing…
What nourishes me also destroys me.