Diary of Naomi
2012-11-26 21:29:35 (UTC)


So mami and I went to a Car Show:

ME: Wow! Look st that car! Mommie, when I grow up I wanna have <that> car!

Mom: Well.. If I get some money, I'd like to have <that> car

When suddenly this girl starts driving like a crazy:

Mom: Did you see that! She almost killed me! See now why girls shouldn't drive?

Me: Umm.. You're a girl mommier.. I guess so

Mom: Whatcha tryna say?

ME: I mean, you shouldnt...

Mom: Did I ask to say anything?

ME: Umm yes mommie. You did

Mom: Dont try to be a smartass with me! I'm your mother!

Though they sometimes make our life impossible.. We must love 'em

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