An inconcluded life
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2012-11-26 18:25:40 (UTC)

Same misery

Looking back at my previous entries, there does not seem to be any change, despite the time that has gone by since the last time I made an entry. If anything, life is the same shit as it was before, only that ending it is a lot more difficult because of my daughter. In reality, she is the only reason that allows me to continue waking up every morning to function and get through the day. Her father is constantly harassing me psychologically and I don´t know where to get help any more. This is such a small and tight community that everyone knows everyone so help is not that easy to get in these cases. I live in constant fear and overwork myself to avoid thinking. I am devastated because I cannot enjoy my baby´s childhood because all I wish for is that she grows up and is able to speak her mind and say who she wants to be with and what she wants to do. And that is just plain sad.