Inseperable Secrets
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2012-11-25 16:55:23 (UTC)

Time Travel

Time is a curious thing. I often wonder how a person would meddle with it if they had the opportunity. Would they make it to fix problems in the past or ruin the past itself to make an alternate future.
What if someone got a hold of time and altered the past to make a different present? Would we be aware of the changes in our lives or would we be oblivious to it and keep living separate from the actual reality? Who would have the courage to take on that responsibility? Being forever in debt to our world to make sure that everyone is happy in their own timeline doesn't seem like a job for a regular human. In my own belief, I don't even think extraterrestrials would have the capability to possess that kind of power and maintain it regularly without overloading on stress and eventually going crazy. Maybe we should just leave it up to the Gods and Goddesses of our Universe to decide. We don't have the brainpower to think clearly enough about how we could contain that much power without becoming selfish and using that power for our own needs. I guess it is only in our nature that we turn this way with every opportunity we have to change the world we live in, whether small or large factors. Look at politicians for example. They are full of power and with that they are also full of greed. If we had such a thing as time travel, it would be a possibility that whoever it went to, they would use it to manage themselves. But if they are to change their lives, it would effect other as well. Possibly everyone on Earth, depending on the situation of the time traveling events.
In conclusion, we should just leave it as a science fiction fantasy and only allow it in books. That is the best time travel we will ever have to entering a whole other world than ours. I suggest we keep it that way.

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