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2012-11-24 09:23:48 (UTC)

It's a Cold Morning

It's 9:23am and I'm feeling cold. I'm sitting in my bedroom and all I can see out there is dark, grey clouds and there have been a multitude of flood warnings which could pose a problem for a lot of people tonight and it's going to become real windy with plenty of rain to follow. I suppose I'm on a high right now as I have just passed another Microsoft exam so that's going on to my cv at the earliest opportunity.

I am trying to make it in the IT world but have failed miserably despite having numerous IT certifications. They all ask for experience in the field well how the hell am I suppose to get the experience if no one will give me the chance? Anyway, it's Saturday but my plans for the day are study, study and more study, not that exciting I know but it's something that I have to do, have to face up to my priorities I guess.

Life goes on, I was expecting a lottery win come this morning but for some reason it never materialised. End of log.