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2012-11-24 00:11:41 (UTC)


12:11 AM

"Stay Awake" by Lydia

I was really admiring my older sister, Caroline, today. Even though it's only been maybe a month or so since I've seen her, she grew so much.

She was like, kind of an adult (she's eighteen). Spending money nearly responsibly, not even driving too fast and swerving into the driveway, like she used to do which always gave me kind of a heart attack.

We were driving the other day (me and my sister are really close. We always have been, since like, my birth.) and we were talking about music. Sometimes, Aaron acts like I don't listen to good music. She's says, "No, you don't understand, music is my life" as if it isn't mine. It really is. That's why I want an iPod. ALL I do all day long is listen to music and think about music and cut myself and find new music.

It helps to distract me and find words for different emotions and situations.

When I told Caroline about Aaron saying things like this, Caroline snorted and said that was something a scene kid would say or something. Aaron is a scene kid. Actually, most of my friends are scene kids. I wear vans and beanies, but not band tees. Aaron and Aid, yes, they are scene kids, but Aid has better taste in music. Nirvana!!! Actually, I shouldn't say that because Aaron's taste in music is more modern but still AMAZING and I do not like Black Veil Brides that much, while Aid loves them,

I listen to Pierce The Veil, too, though. Lately, I've really been in love with the band Lydia. My sister suggested it. Both of us like weird bands and a wide range of music, from old rihanna songs to Alt-J which we discovered last year, and suddenly, they're popular (kind of)!!

I say kind of a lot.

Anyway, I love Caroline, and today I was just watching her fiddle with her camera. For hte longest time, she has been obsessed with photography. At fifteen, she got her first pro camera and ever since, she's been growing rapidly. Her ex boyfriend was also into photography and art, like my sister.

Caroline was always an awesome artist, too. Whether realistic or abstract, she was amazing. I have the paintings and pictures to prove it.

Right now, instead of her Nikon 3000 ("I hate this freakin camera!" she always says, but never lets it go) she's using a black and white film camera. I want to try and find an old polaroid camera for her.

She's always wanted one. Her best friend got one for her once, but my dad fiddled with it before Caroline could take even one picture, and he broke it. She was so upset and my dad probably felt guilty, but he just said "Oh well"

Believe it or not, my sister does not want to major in art. She likes science, the last thing a younger version of her would've ever thought.

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