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2012-11-24 00:03:01 (UTC)

Black Friday

12:03 AM

Today was okay. We went kind-of shopping. We only went to Garage, Brookstone, American Eagle, the Apple Store, and Taco Bell, haha.

We didn't buy anything from Garage ("nothing is worth it" said my mom as we passed a gorgeous plaid shirt that was only eight dollars...). In Brookstone, my mom was looking for presents for my dad. She checked out a massage thing, which she thought was way too expensive (three hundred fucking dollars) and an iPad case, which I'm pretty sure we'll buy for him tomorrow, because he takes the iPad to work all the time. Plus, it looks like a pair of jeans... with working pockets... i don't even know why I find this so exciting. We also wanted to buy him this cool egg-shaped dispensable nut/gum ball/whatever you want to put in there thing. He's a professor, and I can imagine the nut dispensor on his desk, hehe.

I really wanted this cool back pillow thing. You know, the kind that are like portable chairbacks. They have arms and a back??? Okay, I know, that makes no sense, but it also has a place to charge your iPod and it massages you! We won't get it, because its like a hundred dollars, but ah... I'm falling into consumerism.

I'm becoming human. Oh, shit.


In American Eagle, I bought an awesome pair of white jeans and light blue jeggings, plus a really cute creamy knit sweater and a gray knit beanie, with a little puffle on top.
Then, we went into Aerie and I picked out 7 pairs of really adorable underwear (little bows and everything!!! Veronica, shut up, I thought you were better than this) for a 7 for $26.50 sale. We went back into AEO and I picked out a pair of dorky, thick socks because I like dorky things that are comfy. So, we bought that, and then we went to the Apple store, and I showed mom the new iPod and the "iPad with retina display" so she could see the difference between our iPad 2 and that.

My mom's getting me the colorful iPod touch for christmas, hopefully. It's the only thing I want, and if she gets it for me, it's the ONLY thing I'm getting. Hah, I mean, people we aren't rich.

My grandpa gave us that iPad.

Later, mom and I got Caroline's upgraded phone (she's home for Thanksgiving weekend) and then we went to Taco Bell and ate some tacos.

It's funny because we're spanish and we NEVER make tacos. Just a mixture of beans and rice, and like, bean and rice burritos. That's the real life. Except my dad was born and raised in California, where I have lived before.

Even he is a bit El Salvadorian and Russian, though. It goes around.


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