chub's pen
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2001-10-10 07:39:23 (UTC)


Another day is ending. We just had our Bio and Filipino
exams today and all i can say is.. IM GONNA FAIL BOTH
TESTS!!! It's not like I didn't study or anything. I just
didn't study hard enough. Sometimes, I wish I had Celeni's
brain. (Actually, not just sometimes...all the time.)

Anyway, I know I'm gonna fail my Bio and Filipino test. I
just hope that I won't in my other subjects. ARGH!!! What
will my mum say??? She's not going to be mad but I know she
will be disappointed and...I don't want her to be. As
usual, my brother's grades would be Excellent with a
capital "E" and as usual, i'll be the one with low scores.
I wish i wasn't such a dumbo..........CHUBBY!! SNAP OUT OF
IT!! Instead of moping around, why don't you just study and
get a move on? Stop wallowing in self-pity and be thankful
that you at least have a working brain??!!

I can be real bitchy and selfish at
times....sigh...well...that's my world. (yeah, i know. it's
a corny ending. HAH!)