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2012-11-21 09:42:57 (UTC)

11/20/12 Tue

-woke up at 2; J had to help out long hair; 2nd day of Macys 15%; decided to go BN to read the new edition and make a list;
-pissed at J for not cleaning the house and didn't finish washing clothes; yelled at him on phone; lost voice; didn't get out of the house until 6pm; missed the exit to Tanforan; read until 8:30; rushed to serramonte mall to buy; was closing; only found half of the products; thought i could buy the rest online to still get the discount;
-came home spent hours looking for the ones i want, then found out that i don't have the complete account #--fuck! could have saved $200; now have to hope that J can qualify on black friday to get more discount
-keep browsing online, can't decide if i want buy any under $200 American brands or just buy fake ones in China
-tmrw is my bday, don't know what to do: work but can't book 4 tables or book Omni?

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