2012-11-21 00:27:57 (UTC)

Seeing Is Achieving

Dreaming is believing,
it's okay not to be okay.

I can't believe that Ahmed's taken...
and Jesus knows that I think of Faique as like one of my biggest role models ever. The worst thing about my experiences at Northside is just, allowing everyone I liked to take a major portion of who I really am. And it sucks. A lot.

Did my dad leave the turkey in the water or put it in the fridge?

I'm gonna go upstairs now and sleep away my problems like I usually do.
Or I could just convince him that I'm doing homework. Well, which I kinda am so it doesn't really matter.


Yeah, see? I'm not staying up late. I'm just...y'know. Drowning myself in my problems. Like I usually do. :/
Ahmed's taken...?
Phil's a douchebag,
and the only one who stood by my side is Jiggy.
Jiggy the Desi.

lord, astaghfirullah.