2012-11-20 06:45:15 (UTC)


Jesus asked me what were the mistakes I'd like to have fixed freshman year?

Well, for starters. I wish I was friends with Greesham. I fucked that up. I wish I was friends with Faique...I always look up to him. Jesus does stand out...I wish Mana, Alejandro, Sean were still my friends...who was it that changed. Me, or them? Nothing made sense. I wish I could've spent so much more time with the juniors before the seniors left. The seniors were awesome, but I was closer to the juniors thanks to Semiah, Ify, and Yaneza. I wish I was closer to Phil when he was a sophomore! Because then he wouldn't have become such a douchy Desi. Like the rest...jocky, jerk-like. Do you think I could get over him? It hurts to think about it. He made that promise with me at the dance. He broke it. Freshman year....I wish I didn't dread art, and didn't have to beg for money for lunch almost every day and be stuck up in the library. Freshman year, I wish I could've gotten to closer to who I am close to now to spend more time with then.
Although I disliked Ms. Dana, I wish I didn't make that first impression that I was an immature dumbass. Or that I was a disorganized fuck in front of Mr. Milbert. I wish I had A's in Physics and Geo rather than C's last year. There are so many things I could've fixed.

How could Phil brag to Janet that I tell him that all the time?
And yet he doesn't listen?!

Freshman year was good at first, and it spiraled to hell.