2012-11-14 06:45:57 (UTC)


I'm tired of thinking about anyone.
I want to think about myself for a change.
I like dancing, but by myself.
Fuck what a nigga think. lol.
It's Wednesday, but it's our first day of school this week. I really just want it to end. And apparently I'm going to Jama'ah Club this Friday.
Why do I act so mature around Jesus? Why do I act different towards anyone?
Why is my English diminishing, even though I use it all the time? What's wrong with me?

Rohail definitely wears color contacts. No guy's eyes in this school can be that amazing....besides. I like his eyes the way they are. They look like healthy caramel drops ^^

I'm going to spend my whole life wondering about the Colors philosophy. :p
For the first time in Colloquium on Friday, I was able to sit with the people I wanted to sit with like since the beginning of freshman year. Fuck.
I told Harris my experiment worked...'cuz it did. Heh. :)
Robin's so fucking cool! I don't wanna lose him as a friend. I hope he doesn't hate me.
I'm so happy we have P.E...FINALLY!
Fuck Driver's Ed! Fuck everyone, perhaps.
I wanted to sit at the table again but I have Sabor practice all morning. :c