Fallen from Grace
2012-11-20 03:17:51 (UTC)

All went well

Today I went to Orlando to find out about the depression study I was trying to get in. I was told no that the bipolar is the study I need. I guess there going to put me on a couple meds get me stable and then introduce another pill. I hope its gets rid of my suicidal tendencies. I am so tired of the same shit everyday. The best thing is I get free meds for a year and I get paid to take it. Translation money for my probation. I hope I get a job soon though. Or at least come up with something to make me money. I have been so stressed I keep listening to music to help me hold on to life when really I am okay with letting go. I feel like getting this study I start soon may save my life. Im listening to music about [not committing] Suicide. I hope this goes well but I am hopeful and look forward to another day now.