either this or therapy XP
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2012-11-13 19:29:31 (UTC)

my mom is trippin

i dont understand my mom anymore. i dont know what she wants or whatever, because she is so fricken two faced.

she had knee surgery today, and she's been asking me for at least a month, and i've told her every single time that i will go.

now the day of the surgery, i get up early, wait for my ride, just for her to tell me that i cannot ride with her, so i have to wait for her flaky ass friend.

so i call her friend, adn she doesnt answer the phone. my mom's ride leaves out at 11:45, and it was a 30 min ride away.

apparently, i'm not at the hospital right now, i'm at my bosses house. my mom called and told me her friend called her (how convinient) and said she was coming up there later.
im not going though. apparently, my mom does not want me to go, so i won't push it.

had to make an account because the place i usually store my journals is having problems, so i guess i'll start using this now. i had to get this off my chest.

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