Dave's journal
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2012-11-12 13:12:59 (UTC)

A True Friend

a true friend is someone u can trust. someone u can rely on without a doubt, someone u can tell anything to, someone u would do anything to defend and protect, someone who is loyal.
"friends come and go, but family is forever"
this quote is true but also wrong in a way. iv had many friends, friends through out life but not all friends r forever. some friends arnt realy friends at all. they just play the part, acting friendly for selfish gains, but a friendship isnt a selfish experince, a true friend is selfless. we have all had fake friends, they come and go, but a true friend IS forever. even if they arnt around, if they were a loyal friend, they r forever in ur heart. i have friends but i only have a few true friends. friends i treat as family, cuz to me they r no diffrent. and im thankfull for such friends.

inspiration: Ali G. one of my true friends :)

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