Dave's journal
2012-11-12 05:51:39 (UTC)

Random Thoughts and Quotes of David

-the key to the universe, resides within
-within each of us rages an epic battle, between ourselves and the world, between our darkness and our light
-be faithful in yourself and everyone that surrounds you. be faithful in friend and foe, saint and criminal, good and evil
-in the darkest of places, deepest of depths, evilest of hearts, and hopless of people, there is a shred of light. a speck of good. there is hope
-where there is darkness there will always be light.
-life is like a game, if u cheat, no one will like u.
-trust is the bond tht holds together the relationships of our lives, trust youself, trust your friend, and trust your feelings.
-life is like a road, there are twists and turns, there are bumps and obstacles, and sometimes u just break down. but you just keep driving.