Dave's journal
2012-11-12 04:49:29 (UTC)

My Name is David.

Hey first entry so ill just say a lil about myself. my name is david brown, b-day may 20 1995. im 17 yrs old now and youngest in my family. i have 4 brothers (1 blood 2 step 1 half) and 2 sister (1 half 1 step). i have been considered mature for my age but i can be as childish as they come. i like to draw occasionally, im not a great artist, its just a passtime. im a deep thinker, my thoughts r filled with day to day problems, friends and family, science, technology, and maybe some illicit and inappropriate activities ;P among other things. my life is filled with happiness, hurt, hate, love, regret, losses, gains, wonders, and surprises. everything one should experience in life. my life isnt the easiest nor is it the hardest, iv had alot of painful experinces which i might go deeper into another time, but iv also had wonderful experinces. im just a pretty average guy all together. im not sure how often ill be making entrys but if anything interesting comes up ill try to get it here. bye for now :)