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2012-10-25 07:59:11 (UTC)

Getting on with it

I am concentrating on my career, studying, business, swimming lessons, salsa lessons, gym….etc…the list goes on….but sometimes I just hate my current condition….it gets to me and makes me really sad….i miss sharing…the simple things in life

Spoke to my mum’s aunty who is like my grandmother and she gave me some wise words…..I should love my wife with all I have and that I should plead with her as much as I can BUT I should be a man got intended me to be….when I was born he made me a man so I should be that…strong and wise….and most especially a leader….I should be strong and lead my family….i should hold my head high and she will notice that you are getting on with your life….over time if she still digs her heels in and say no forgiveness I should still have a fruitful life ahead of me…..