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2012-11-11 06:24:07 (UTC)

Financial Seperation - My response

I really wasn't sure what to do. I spoke to my parents, spoke to a very close friend and the advice was that I made sure I wasn't cheated in the separation details./ For me I thought the separation request was less than what I plan to give her in the first place so it was a no brainer but I decided (after praying about it)that I will agree to her demands but for each demand I will speak my mind and let her know genuinely how I felt about what she wrote.

A few things I raised with her were

(1) Putting a restriction on the house was totally against my core being, I find it very hurtful. I don't plan to borrow any more money on the house but I truly hate having to resort to this. Where I am and where I am going, there is no room for this kind of thing but if this gives her comfort then she should go ahead.

(2) I told her she should stop saying "protecting the children"....all my life that is what I do. I look after them with everything I have. Saying things like that makes it sound like I am callous and my actions can put them in danger, which is not true. All my financial deals can never jeopardise the future of my children as I put things in place for them. I explained all this to her

(3) I told her she has gone back in history and then looked at every decision I have made (most of the time with her) and though of the worst of me. She has created a monster in her mind who throughout the marriage was scheming to enrich himself and just use her. This is a dark fantasy that has no hint of reality. I explained most of the financial deals and investments we have ever made and went through them reminding her how we came to those decisions.